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Heedfelder Str. 56 · D-58509 Lüdenscheid · Fon 0 23 51 - 2 03 87 · Fax 0 23 51 - 3 82 58 · Email

Carl v.d. Crone Taschenlampen
Founded in 1919 we are since 1927 the specialist for developing and producing
pocket lamps in Germany. We live together with many well-known producers of
the lighting industry in the "city of the light", in Lüdenscheid.

As medium-size enterprise we developed different patents and are known for
high-quality metal pocket lamps. A highlight in the last century were the Halogen
pocket lamps which we produced as first enterprise in Germany. We see the future
in the LED-technology (light emitting Diode), we use for you already today.

As OEM partner we would like to help you with your special requests.

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